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    Le Corps de Sang

    Le Corps de Sang is the fencing group for Baile na Scolairi. It was founded in January AS XXIX by Melger O'Morchoe and Erassmus Schreiber.

    Philosophy of Le Corps de Sang

    It is the philosophy of Le Corps de Sang that all those who engage in the art of rapier fighting are students of said art till the day they die. Everyone has something to teach and we all have plenty to learn, from the beginner to the most experienced rapier combatant. Therefore, no one will ever see Le Corps de Sang represented as a "School of Rapier Fighting", but rather as a Fencing Corps (body of fencers).

    Current members of the Corps are:

    • Maistir Rory mac Feidhlimidh, OP, OCK, Marshal of the Field
    • THL Catalin Zoldszem, OCK, Scolairi Group Marshal
    • THL Simon Hondy, OKC, Marshal of the Field
    • Lord Wolferam von Gorlicz, Marshal of the Field
    • Lord Guglielmo Marchionni, Marshal of the Field
    • Lord Paxentius Pius Sinistral of Ashford
    • Lady Marie Tetreaux

    Retired Members:

    • Lord Melger O'Morchoe, OCK
    • Erassmus Schreiber
    • Jael am Sliabh
    • Simon d'Arc the Scholar, OCK
    • Baroness Julienne La Folette, OCK
    • Chen-tzu, MSCA
    • Lord Dugan MacLeod, Marshal of the Field
    • Hals Styrkrson, OCK
    • Mieszko Stanislaus z Czestochowa
    • Darius of the Shady Oak
    • Lady Ruth Ellyson
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