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    Bending Rattan

    From SÖR Ustad "the Dreaded" Hasan al Hajjii Sövalye oso apf
    Tue 11/18/03 11:44 PM

    my way of shaping rattan is very simple...
    pot of boiling water ... aluminum foil ... 15 - 20 minutes ... and your foot ...
    find a good sized pot ... with a lid ... boil your water ... put the foil on the lid so it hangs over the sides of the pot to keep the steam in ... use a couple pieces of old rattan or something to prop the lid up on 2 sides ...

    put your rattan in between the 2 old rattan pieces ... at the point you want to bend it ...
    steam for 15- 20 minutes ... the rattan bends like a wet noodle ... put it under your foot ... or any where you can bend it the way you want ... hold it for a bit ... minute or less ... let it cool ... repeat as needed....

    I make my scimitars this way ... works perfect every time
    and to all the marshals before they ask...... ITS NOT BROKEN ... IT'S A SCIMITAR

    May Allah keep and protect you and yours

    SÖR Ustad "the Dreaded" Hasan al Hajjii Sövalye oso apf

    After following SÖR Ustad's directions ... my 'bent stick fresh from steaming. Using it to make a Hungarian style sabre

    Step 2 I have fibre taped the handle to hold the cross piece in place

    Mmmmmmm Stick... She is-a done!

    And new and improved!

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