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Here are links to pictures I have taken of my breads:
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A couple pictures of making Wulfric's Fine Machet: I think they could have been baked a tad darker (and they are a tad darker than seen in the pictures), but they are wonderfully crunchy crust and tender insides.

  • The dough in thier baskets for second rise

  • The first loaf in the oven baking. This is a small oven, although it does make a big lof of bread. As you can see it has a mistake on it and must be quickly buttered and eaten upon removal and cooling!!!

  • Here are my first three loaves from the recipe.

  • Now this was a fun and wonderful bread to make, Christopsomo. Light orange-y taste, and very pretty Greek Christmas bread.

  • I made a few loaves of Leaf Fougasse, from Baking with Julia Child. Here is the dough warming after it has spent 36 hours in the refrigerator.

  • Here are three loaves of the leaf Fougasse. Another very wonderful bread to present and to eat!

  • Here is a rising basket I will someday get. It is for making loaves of the French bread Couronne. or "Crown". Long time to make, but wonderful stuff!

  • Here is a bowl of yeast I am growing in water with a touch of Barley Malt to feed it. This is actually left over yeast from a friend.

  • This picture is a plate that I used to dry the yeast on. Keeping it for later once I scraped off the residue. I read about this being done during the civil war era.

  • Yeast again, but it is a cool picture for the pattern in the yeast as it roils around in the bowl, like the clouds of Jupiter.

    What I have written:

  • Whole Wheat Bread from Starter My adaptation of a recipe of Whole wheat French country miche. This is a compilation of Peter Reinhardt's Whole Wheat French bread and notes gathered from the Poulain bakery in France, to make a Country Miche that is as close to the original as I could figure..

  • Whole Wheat Bread - description This is the background and process for the recipe above.

  • Storing yeasts My article on storing various types of yeasts and starters.

  • Growing Bread Yeast My entry to Middle Kingdom A&S. Got a first place for it too.

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