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On this page are particular recipies I have picked out as wanting to make or having had made them, more than the other wonderful recipies I have found online, pertaining to baking. Plus a selection of online cook books related to baking. You may also notice scattered about, a few Gluten Free (GF) recipies because I think every one should enjoy bread! I beleave the sharing of bread is not mearly a way to pass the time and eat, but also goes to the very core of who we all are. Nothing brings in a crowd more than fresh bread from the oven!

A few online cook books and links

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  • King Arthur Flour EXCELLENT recipes, products and information
  • And just Breads Cakes, and Pastries, from "A Boke of Gode Cookery"
  • Fleischmann's Yeast Breadworld Baking, Bread Machines and Bread Recipes
  • Hodgson mill
  • Sourdough Bread Recipes
  • Gluten Free Recipes
  • Diabetic Bread Recipes
  • Teaching kids to bake - the whys and hows
  • Hungry for Homemade
  • Father Dominic, the Bread Monk

    Recommended Baking Books

    I actually own a copy of these books, along with a scattering of more baking books, pamphlets and clipped out recipes

    Also don't forget to check out your local Library for baking books!

  • English Bread and Yeast Cookery By Elizabeth David. Every thing you have heard about this book is true. Jammed packed with history and wonderful recipies.
  • Breaking Bread With Father Dominic What can I say, they is from Father Dominic! He has three recipe books out now. Full of wonderful stories and of course his recipies. Wonderful stuff from a wonderful person!
  • Baking with Julia Every recipe is MARVELOUS! Very easy to follow and make amazing baked goods.
  • Celtic Folklore Cooking Excelent stories, history, and Celtic insights. Along with completely delightful recipies, from making a proper pot of tea to Haggis, everything in between, and more!
  • The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread: More than 200 Wheat-Free Recipes If you know any one or are gluten intolerant this is the baking book to get. The author's other cook books span a huge array of cooking, and she has worked hard to create an incredible range of gluten free bread recipies. Some are from her other cookbooks, and many are new. Lots of information and included to even create more of your own recipes plus 200 tested bread recipes.
  • The Complete Sourdough Cookbook: Authentic and Original Sourdough Recipes from the Old West By Don and Myrtle Holm. Now I know this is not SCA Period cooking. But it is darned good stuff! Full of recipies and old west tales make this a very worth while and entertaining cookbook. My father won blue ribbons in 3 states at the fair for making sourdough prune cake like the recipe in this book. Very heartily recomended.
  • Bread Alone Bold fresh loaves from your own hands By Daniel Leader. This book focuses on fire baked wheat breads, and how to create the same breads in your own home. Step by step the author guides you through a lesson with a "Classic country-style hearth loaf" and its variation to other baked delights such as "Wheat walnut loaf" and "Buttermilk currant loaf" just to name a few. Enjoyable book to read from as well as follow.

    Notes and Articles

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    Breads, Cakes and Fritters

  • Fine Manchet by Master Wulfric the Mad Baker
  • Basic English Egg Dough
  • Challah
  • Manchet
  • Pandemayne (France)
  • Pide: Turkish Flatbread
  • Roggenbraut
  • Rye Bread
  • Seed Cake (England, 16th century)
  • Swedish Rye Bread
  • Three Flour Braided Bread

    Illusion-Foods and Subtleties

  • Dragontail
  • Marbled Tea Eggs

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