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Class handouts

Here you will find that written stuff you may have received in a class, or you may have found surfing the web. Either way welcome.

Feel free to read and share this information, but please be kind and give us credit for the work.

Easiest way to get the documents is (for Windows users) right mouse click the document title then chose "Save as" to a location of your choice.

  • Evaluation for Performances and Projects in the SCA, the facts, benefits and roles of effective evaluation. By Lady Catalin Zoldszem, OCK, OPF.

  • A TOURNAMENT PRIMER, A variety of common and possibly uncommon Tournaments and their rules as seen in the Middle Kingdom. By Lady Catalin Zoldszem, OCK, OPF.

  • Making Simple Arrows, This hand out steps through the process to make a set of arrows. By THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

  • Breathing life into dough, An introduction to various yeasts and starters for making bread. By THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

  • A list of names and definitions for starters, To put is simply, a list compiled from several Internet sources giving names to a large number of ways to say starter and their definitions.Compiled by THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

  • Storing yeasts and starters, A paper on the considerations of long term storage for various yeasts and starters. By THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

  • Growing bread yeast, My entry into the Middle Kingdom A&S Competition -- Taking grape must and culturing yeast to make bread. By THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

  • How to rehydrate "Jean_Luc", instructions to rehydrate dried samples of Jean-Luc or any other dried starter By THL Simon Hondy, OE,CDB,OW.

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