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Welcome to the land of the Atomic Vole!

What is the Atomic Vole? It is a silly name that was created so I could have a domain name. It was easier to come up with something silly and off the wall than to come up with a stoic name that encompasses all we are and do. And in all honesty silly and off the wall works so much better for us than stoic and serious!

The original web pages began as an informational repository, a place we could keep stuff of interest to ourselves and easily share with others. It was also very one sided, pretty much all mine and none of hers. So as we are both beginning to activities that produce material items the lump of data is getting organized a little more with a few more pictures and even class hand out as we share what we know locally and abroad.

We would like to thank you for stopping by, and looking about. If for any reason you wish to contact us, by all means please do.

What we do:
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