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Arts and Sciences

Here are links to various things we have created for fun and learning!

  • Cat the Vintner
  • Our garb
  • Simon's Baking
  • Cat's Cooking
  • Baking Links

    See the link on the side bar to Classes for handouts of various classes we have taught.

    Links of mass knowledge!

  • MILIEUX: Online Costume Sources/Supplies
  • Cariadoc's Miscellany
  • Arts and Sciences Links from the Kingdom of Atlantia HUGE amountes of information, a definate must see!

  • The Weaver's HandThis is a totally awsome HUGE site for tablet weaving info, and probably the best and most concise set of links.
  • Linda Hendrickson Tablet Weaving and Ply-Split Braiding. Has very good information, equipment for sale and absolutley beutiful rosewood shuttles.

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